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  First, TPMS function
    TPMS is the automobile tire embryo presses the observation system “the pressure monitoring sysetem” the abbreviation, mainly uses when the automobile goes in the immediate right tire pressure as well as the tire the temperature carries on the automated monitor, to the tire flat, the embryo presses, the embryo lowly has pressed, the tire temperature high has been excessively high carries on the auto-alarm, prevents the blowout accident's occurrence validly, the safeguard personal safety and property. Simultaneously also has the province oil, lengthens the tire mileage and the optimized vehicles performance function. Safeguards the traffic safety.
  Second, TPMS classification
    Divides into direct -like and indirect -like according to the principle of work.
  1st, direct -like TPMS:
      Using installs comes the direct measurement tire's barometric pressure in each tire's pressure transmitter, the use wireless launcher to transmit the pressure information from the tire interior to the central receiver module, then carries on the display to various tire pressure data. When the tire pressure is excessively high lowly, tire temperature Gao Huokuai the air leakage, the system auto-alarm.
      Merit: 1) the real-time monitor each tire interior barometric pressure, the precision is high.
            2) real-time monitor tire interior temperature.
        Flaw: The price is high.
  2nd, indirect -like TPMS:
      Compares between tire's rotational speed difference through the automobile ABS system's wheel fast sensor, serves purpose which the monitor embryo presses. When tire pressure change, vehicles' weight will cause the tire diameter change, will cause the tire rotational speed to change, this kind of change will then use in triggering the alarm system to issue the warning to the driver.
        Merit: The price is low.
        Flaw: 1) is unable to display the tire interior real barometric pressure precisely.
        2) coaxial or when 2 above tire same breakdowns is unable to report to the police.
        3) is unable to monitor the tire temperature.
        4) the reaction rate is slow.
  Third, Our company develops ability and the product superiority:
  1st, specialized design direct -like TPMS product.
  2nd, the warning pressure may adjust the design according to the client requirement.
  3rd, may act according to the client requirement design simplex or the bidirectional communication.
  4th, through the antijamming test result determined that the receiver installs the position, guarantees between the receiver and sensor's communication reliability.
Our main products include thermostat, temperature sensor, oil pressure switch, PCV valve, reverse light switch etc. We are supplier for more than 100 car makers, such as Shanghai GM, FAW VW, Shanghai VW, Changan Ford, PSA, Guangzhou Toyota, Guangzhou Honda etc.


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