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The cold winter delivers warm, shows loving care for the warm will of the people----- - the day abundant Group trade union launches the Spring Festival to visit the salute to deliver the warm activity

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  on January 24, 2016, the day abundant Group trade union organized group members under the trade union President Feng's lead, on behalf of chairman, the group party committee and the trade union are braving 14 degrees below zero hypothermia, overcomes the snow day Lu Hua heavy weather, in the thorough the needy family visits the salute, has seen 32 household the needy families, has sent to the rice, the surface, the oil, the egg and the salute gold for them.

  President whenever Feng in a household the needy family in detail inquires the home background and the physical condition. President Feng and the party arrived in the needy Zhang Hongtian home, because Zhang Hongtian the traffic accident has recuperated in 2013 in the home, the future trouble has the serious mental illness, needs year to year the hospital treatment, the wife is the laid-off workers, the body also contracts many kinds of diseases, year to year takes medicine, the whole family lives has not safeguarded. When President Feng delivers 10000 Yuan salute golds in the Zhang Hongtian hand, Zhang Hongtian is moved saying: “the company is good, was thinking year after year looked he, helps him, thanks the commercial management and the trade union leads!”

  Afterward, also arrives in the hole every dummy, has delivered 2000 Yuan salute golds. Because Kong Fanming falls the wound femoral head not to be able to completely recover from an illness until now, has recuperated in the home, at present loses the ability to work basically. President Feng comforts Kong Fanming to have the confidence, the body raises slowly, certainly will be good, the company has cared about his physical condition. Is assisted staff Kong Fanming to be greatly touched, said excitedly: “I the body is not now good, has encountered the difficulty in the life, but comes from the company big families to show loving concern lets me feel is warm, from now on must take care of health well certainly the body, is restored to health as soon as possible, repayment company.”

  President Feng when salute the needy stressed that must play the workshop trade union committee member's role fully, requirement trade union committee member must penetrate one, understood promptly the workshop each staff's living conditions, achieve the work usually, does thin the work, does the reality, lets have the difficulty staff to obtain truly assists the rescue. The group trade union next step will establish the needy file, carries on the dynamic control, strives for to let more needies obtain the help, feels chairman, the group party committee and trade union's care and warm.                  

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