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The commercial management double ninth festival visits salutes eight ten-day period retired workers

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   The double ninth festival approaches, discipline inspection commission Secretary Gui Weixiang in enterprise control division minister the Yang Wenbin, administrative Manager Wang Yan, rear service security department Minister Kong under Fan the thrifty accompaniment, the retirement staff carried on to the company 80 years old above has visited the salute, delivered the holiday for them the regards and the blessing, and has taken away the salute for each person.

  On October 20, the commercial management penetrates successively into 13 households old people, with old people kind conversation, inquires after the well being, understands their body, the living condition in detail. When understood when old people the health, the domestic peace, the children are filial, Secretary Gui indicated: “the company present's prospects for development are very good, this cannot leave your older generation's merit, was you have built the solid foundation for the company, hoped that you could the healthy longevity, share the harvest together with the company the joy”.

  The respect for elders reverence for elders is Chinese nation's traditional virtue, the double ninth festival is called as “the reverence for elders festival”, the company can in this time, the thorough advanced age retired worker family carry on every year visits the salute, sends to the concern for them at the same time also to let them feel the company this big family's thick cordiality deeply.

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