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The company holds the old cadre winter jasmine tea party

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The company holds the old cadre winter jasmine tea party

    On January 31, the company holds 2016 old cadre winter jasmine tea party. Chairman Lu the new people, party committee secretaries, leaderships and old comrades and so on General Manager Wang Lifeng is assemble, welcomes the year of Monkey early spring, altogether narrates the day abundant development.
  At the symposium, Wang Zong has reported in 2015 to old comrades the day abundant company's state of play, on the product research and development, the market development, the quality level, the production technological transformation and the foundation control makes the key elaboration. Kong Fanyi, Kong Lingyun, Chen Changming and so on old comrade has carried on the speech, they indicated that thanks the company to the old comrade's care, gives highly the appraisal to company's development, makes the progress for the company to feel urgently rouses. The trust under the company leaders at all levels' instruction, the corporate growth will certainly to score the new chapter again. They indicated that as will always support company's work, for company's development display afterheat, offers suggestions the output.
    The old leaders' speech sentiment profound meaning cuts, the meaning. After the meeting, the commercial management dines together with the old cadre, will raise glass together celebrates the arrogant person achievement which the company will obtain, wish company's tomorrow certainly will be happier, wishes old comrades the healthy longevity, happy joyful.

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