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The day abundant company obtains “family of the national model staff” the title of honor

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The day abundant company obtains “family of the national model staff” the title of honor

      On March 7, the company obtains by the Chinese General labor union issues “family of the model staff” the title of honor, Jining General labor union Vice-President Zhao Sheng, Qufu Municipal party committee members, propaganda department ministers grudges Asia
  Issues the medal and the certificate for the company.
      In recent years, the Company union in the higher authority trade union and under the company party committee's correct leadership and the care support, closely regarding the company key emphasis in work, the perfect Labor union organization, the perfect system construction, fully played the bridge link role. The company donates 5,000,000 Yuan crown famous funds in 2014 to the Qufu charitable general meeting, rescues assists the difficult family; The interior through visits the salute difficult staff, the provide salute gold, collects the donation for the special difficult family, alleviated the home economics pressure. The Company union will further deepen “humanist” the idea, continues to safeguard the general staff's vital interest, improves the welfare treatment and the wage level unceasingly; Establishes the needy file, strengthens assists dynamics to the difficult staff, achieves the accurate helping the poor, through the trade union special subsidy, the company fund assists, the staff to donate money and so on many kinds of forms to cause the general staffs spontaneously to feel the enterprise big family's warmth. At the same time, issues Jining to the company the model worker work room innovation funds 10000 Yuan, the company and applies, aspects and so on scientific and technical payoffs innovation in the engineering research obtains Jining, the Qufu Trade union's full authorization and the high praise.

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