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The province foreign country expert bureau leaders visit the company to discuss exchange direct the wisdom work

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    On October 13 leads by Shandong Province foreign country expert bureau Chief Zhang Zhu Xiu, hires German expert gentleman with Our company to carry on the discussion newly to exchange especially firmly, and visited the company new Production workshop, regarding company's top level talented people, directs the wisdom work to give the affirmation.

    Outside Jining special bureau Chief Xu Enli, Jining person society bureau Chief Liu Luyan, leaderships and so on Qufu person society bureau Wang Shuju Bureau Chief accompanied the investigation and study, company General Manager Wang Lifeng, enterprise control division minister personnel and so on Yang Wenbin attended this discussion, next step in Qufu, Jining, under the provincial level leadership's support and the help vigorously, Our company will be full with the aid of all quarters superiority, simultaneously displayed own superiority, we will direct the wisdom work to do well, through will introduce the foreign intelligence also to bring a greater economic efficiency and the fast development for the company.

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