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The temperature controller factory first session of family member visits Japan on-the-spot report

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The temperature controller factory first session of family member visits Japan on-the-spot report

      on November 21, 2015, season, although already session of winter solstice, but is filling the air the thick festive atmosphere in the day abundant company's factory district and the dear ones atmosphere, each people felt share of thick traces of spring, even if that day God did not cooperate, next misty drizzle, but could also not resist family members that fiery mood punctual to arrive at the company.  
   “a good enterprise maintains a family happiness, a strong family backing is the safeguard which the staff works invests with all one's heart.”In order to let the staff family member be more comprehensive, understood thoroughly staff's work and the living condition, the better support staff's work, “the day abundant company staff family member visits Japan” by the day abundant company temperature controller Works organization's first session the theme activity, in day abundant company campus hold. The dozens of famous staff family members compose the visiting group, in the factory leader and under staff's accompaniment, observes the factory district scenery, listens to the factory sentiment to introduce, the chatting relative works, looks at the factory development process. “zero distance” understood family member's work and the living conditions, the feeling Modernized enterprise changes with each new day change.  
      First warmly explained in the technical building for everybody entered shop the notice. Afterward visited the company to fill the modernization to test instrument's laboratory, after following closely everybody visited in turn, the market factory, the mold ramming factory, the temperature controller factory, the sensor factory, the staff dining room. Finally the company arranged the shift-change briefing roll-call, the temperature controller calisthenics during work break, the men and women to pull the song specially to sing the link to let the family member understood and has led the company “anxiously the unity, serious lively” in the cultural atmosphere. In the activity the family member also the content deep attraction which arranges. After the activity, the corporation kings always, temperature controller factory Manager Kong the full of enthusiasm the work and the achievement which made in each aspect have done factory in the recent two years the brief report. Finally also specially prepared to draw the link, to draw a prizewinning ticket the family member by the commercial management to provide the prize, simultaneously the company carefully has also prepared an intimate small present for each family.   Through this time lets the family member understand the enterprise, lets the enterprise understand the staff family, serves the purpose by the time which supports mutually, lets the staff be able to be more relieved, works positively, simultaneously strengthens the staff cohesive force, lets the staff feel the collective the warmth. Saw the good facility, the clean conditions, are shown loving concern by the modernized factory staff's atmosphere to be moved all, increased one proud, has shown loving concern and understood.

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