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  • 2015 year TPM lean manufacture control panel members reach agreement the Yuntai
    In order to commend in 2015 the semi-annual, various departments the result which in the lean manufacture advancement work obtains in TPM, after the company resolved that chairman authorizes, to give the TPM first owner, TPM advances the group leader and so on 30 people, outside the province on third tour rewards.
  • “two fusions” help reforming
    The newspaper Qufu news (Reporter Xu Bokong the duckweed) the Qufu day abundant automobile spare part makes the Limited company people in charge to tell the author, through implements the informationization technological transformations vigorously, pays special attention to two depth fusions prominently, has made the remarkable progress. The company has the patented technology 6 items, in which patent of invention 1 item.
  • Qufu economic development zone day abundant Che Yongwu networking intelligence sensor research and development and industrialization project through provincial level approval
    On March 2, saved the development to modify the member to organize the Shandong Province standardization research institute, the Shandong Province academy of science laser research institute, the Shandong Province project consultation hospital, Shandong Province units and so on transportation Research institute, Shandong Communications school to be related the expert to make Limited company Che Yongwu to the Qufu development zone day abundant automobile spare part the networking intelligence sensor research and development and the industrialization project has carried on completion approval.
  • The temperature controller factory first session of family member visits Japan on-the-spot report
    on November 21, 2015, season, although already session of winter solstice, but is filling the air the thick festive atmosphere in the day abundant company's factory district and the dear ones atmosphere, each people felt share of thick traces of spring, even if that day God did not cooperate, next misty drizzle, but could also not resist family members that fiery mood punctual to arrive at the company.   “a good enterprise maintains a family happiness, a strong family backing is the safeguard which the staff works invests with all one's heart.”In order to let the staff family member be more comprehensive, understood thoroughly staff's work and the living condition, the better support staff's work, “the day abundant company staff family member visits Japan” by the day abundant company temperature controller Works organization's first session the theme activity, in day abundant company campus hold.
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Our main products include thermostat, temperature sensor, oil pressure switch, PCV valve, reverse light switch etc. We are supplier for more than 100 car makers, such as Shanghai GM, FAW VW, Shanghai VW, Changan Ford, PSA, Guangzhou Toyota, Guangzhou Honda etc.


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