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“two fusions” help reforming

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-08-24      Origin: Jining Daily

“two fusions” help reforming

    The newspaper Qufu news (Reporter Xu Bokong the duckweed) the Qufu day abundant automobile spare part makes the Limited company people in charge to tell the author, through implements the informationization technological transformations vigorously, pays special attention to two depth fusions prominently, has made the remarkable progress. The company has the patented technology 6 items, in which patent of invention 1 item. 2014 year, the company accumulates implements the sales revenue 780,000,000 Yuan, the profit 180,000,000 Yuan, the profits and taxes 150,000,000 Yuan, has compared to the last year promotes greatly. Facing this year stern economic situation, the company from this January obtains the encouraging sales revenue to April, the accumulation implements the sales revenue 240,000,000 Yuan, the profit 57,520,000 Yuan, the profits and taxes 66,240,000 Yuan.
    In the last few years, the day abundant company key from links and so on research and development design, production process control, sales management, internal foundation obtains, to implement the erp system administration, utilizes information technologies and so on dcs/mes integrative system, advancement product reforming upgrades, transformed successively has completed product automatic production lines and so on temperature controller, sensor, alarm apparatus, sharpened the serial products design manufacture fast response ability, has displayed the information technology fully to the business economic development multiplication function, has promoted enterprise's core competitiveness.
    For the change tradition marketing model, the conformity marketing resource, the day abundant company starts from June, 2013 to operate “1+n” the electronic commerce work, 1 figure is the company builds the independent electricity business platform, n is refers with the aid of the third party electricity business platform. After near two year runs, at present this kind of commercial model already day by day mature, the establishment has completed the independent electricity business platform. Client during browse company each product, but may also through the website link, enter to the company washes the valuable shop or the Ali prosperous shop carries in-line transaction directly anxiously. in 2014, through electronic commerce development electricity business activities and so on propaganda promotion, network purchase and sale, the result underlines, the accumulation implements the sales revenue 5,690,000 Yuan, the day abundant company is also evaluated the Shandong Province electronic information profession outstanding enterprise.
    In pays special attention to the exterior marketing electronic commerce system construction in the foundation, continues to study the company interior informationization and the exterior marketing electronic commerce system's depth fusion. Does is with emphasis the upgrade erp management system management system, the function which the expansion and the electronic commerce system fuse, is mainly in link aspects and so on raw material purchase, manufacturing, cost analysis, order form quoted price, physical distribution warehousing, sales settlement carries on the upgrade application, fuses these service link unification in the electronic commerce platform, further strengthens the internal control, wants the benefit to the internal management.

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