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1st, mission: Completes the client faith, staff's proud company.
      Annotation: Outside models the image, insisted that provides the high quality, the high performance-to-price ratio product and the service for the client; Achieves diligently surpasses the client expectation; Enables the day to become the client diligently forever to be worth abundantly trusting and the dependence friend. In the strong quality, insists humanist, achieves truly for each day abundant person considers, provides the development for each day abundant staff the opportunity and the platform, lets the staff be able to feel the proficient person's same respect and the concern in the enterprise, can feel the day in the society to take to his pride and be proud of abundantly.

2nd, prospect: The specialized day abundant, the internationalization day is abundant.
        Annotation: Receives “the safety, the environmental protection, the energy conservation, the intelligence” the idea, advances the staff knowledge-based, the production standardization, the technology unceasingly evolves first, the product superior electron particle materialization, achieves the multiplication and the fine refinement in the service unifies, implements enterprise's specialized development. At the same time, the enterprise needs to innovate unceasingly, the progress, expands the international field of vision unceasingly, implements aspect and so on production, sale, control, service, talented person internationalization, causes the enterprise to become one of truly the global best automobile bulb, electronic products specialization Production enterprises.

3rd, spirit of enterprise: Humanist, advocation study, good faith innovation, superego.
       Annotation: Regards as the staff the enterprise most precious wealth and the most sincere family member, encourages all staff each other to treat with respect, and through the incessancy the study, innovates unceasingly the work idea and the method, unceasing superego, becomes the most outstanding staff. The enterprise will also depend upon this kind of unity upwardly, the good faith innovation, the rich sense of mission, the sense of pride staff team, provides the most satisfied product and the service for the user, causes the company holds the domestic same profession leading position, and becomes the international same profession to have the competitive power well-known enterprise gradually.

4th, core values: Practical, is tenacious, is professional.
       Annotation: The personhood low key does not make widely known, works the solid not empty boasting, the definite goal does not give up, deeply love the work to have the fervor.

5th, management philosophy: Repayment staff, repayment client, repayment shareholder, repayment society.
       Annotation: The day abundant development dependence is staff's industrious payout, the corporate growth must first let the staff share the development achievement; The day abundant development cannot leave the client similarly the trust and the support, grows strong the day abundant even more will have ability to provide surpasses the anticipated product and the service for the client. In the enterprise continues the healthy development under the premise, gives the investor a bigger repayment. At the same time, the day abundant will also undertake should the completely community responsibility, does lets the enterprise which the society respects.

6th, study view: Studies has thinks, thinks has becomes aware.
       Annotation: The enterprise needs the high quality study staff, therefore, takes the staff, must regard as the study oneself survives and the development necessity, must the study and the work relates closely in together, must have the target and the question studies, must ponder how with own work, the enterprise actual to unify, must achieve the creative study, the idealistic study, lifelong the study, finally implements studies for the purpose of application.

7th, executes the view: The immediate action, pays great attention the result. 
        Annotation: The enterprise true success comes from the immediate action, “the matter which can do today does not remain tomorrow.”After definite goal, must defeat the dragging, immediate action; At the same time, executes the strength enhancement is the successful key, while which executes immediately, must take the result certainly which executes, does not have result executing to be meaningless!

8th, talented person view: Let the suitable person do the appropriate matter.
      Annotation: The enterprise needs to know one's subordinates and assign them properly, to enable each person to develop his talents, and achieves personnel manager diligently, implements the human resources reasonable configuration, enables each day abundant staffs to find own position, implements own value, implements personal growth altogether to win finally with the enterprise development.
Our main products include thermostat, temperature sensor, oil pressure switch, PCV valve, reverse light switch etc. We are supplier for more than 100 car makers, such as Shanghai GM, FAW VW, Shanghai VW, Changan Ford, PSA, Guangzhou Toyota, Guangzhou Honda etc.


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