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  Quality assurance
First, quality policy:
“humanist, innovates unceasingly, provides satisfaction for the client the product”.

Second, quality implementation:
The day abundant company sets up “by the quality win, is in the lead, strives for the development by the quality the idea by the quality”, carries out the quality accountability system comprehensively, carries on the conformity to the quality control function. Take the ISO/TS16949 automobile quality control system as the foundation, union general QSB, client special requirements and so on Ford Q1, populace FORMEL-Q, Chang An QCA, Shenlong QSB+, Honda QMDD, establishes the company quality culture, carries out the whole staff quality control gradually.

Third, quality activity:
1st, production process quality control: Through against wrong, the SPC check, the 4M1E change record track, the exception handling, are unqualified process mechanism and so on upgrade implementations, the quality of certified level fast response, processing; Additionally builds a delivery qualified rate (FTT) the inspection and the track, according to "Remarkable Quality Production line Evaluation Criterion", by the client suit quantity, zero kilometer suit number of times, zero kilometer PPM value, production process projects and so on quality performance, product qualified rate carry on to the production line comment encourage superiorly;
2nd, supplier management level and external cooperation quality: Implements "Supplier To appraise Policing method", establishes the perfect supplier according to qualification system, promotes the external cooperation quality level through the introduction high quality supplier, to B, the C level supplier implements assists the plan, has created the good commercial relations with the supplier which the cooperation altogether wins. Adds devices and so on spectrum analyzer, promotion external cooperation examination detectability.
3rd, QC and proposal activity: Launches the QC release conference, in 2015 sets up QC group 18, tenable topic 23, participate in the personnel 200 people, has the benefit through the QC activity improvement year to have the enhancement, in the quality improvement, produces can optimize, the scene promotion, the device against wrong and so on aspects carries out the attack. At the same time, the company also encourages the whole staff by the staff proposal form of action to participate in the quality, in five years, altogether collect staff proposal 7000, improved the quality and the economic efficiency validly.
4th, client verification: The year client verification quantity reaches 180 time, in which potential supplier verifies, the new product fixed point verification, the new product approval verification accounts for above 40%.

Fourth, quality certification and client authorization
Quality certification:
1st, in 2004 through ISO/TS16949 quality system certification 
2nd, in 2004 through ISO14001 conditions system certification
3rd, in 2014 ISO17025 country laboratory certification

Client authorization:
in 1979 and first Auto manufacturer necessary
in 1985 and Wei River firewood necessary
in 1988 and Shanghai populace necessary
in 1991 and jade firewood necessary
in 1993 and FAW populace necessary
in 1997 and Shenlong necessary; With the Dong'an Mitsubishi, Shenyang Mitsubishi necessary
in 2000 and Qirui, auspicious necessary
in 2002 and Great Wall necessary
in 2003 guaranteed a verification through the German populace Asian and Pacific nature
in 2004 and Shangqi general necessary
in 2005 and Guangzhou Honda necessary
in 2006 and Tianjin FAW Toyota necessary;
in 2011 and Chang An Ford necessary
Our main products include thermostat, temperature sensor, oil pressure switch, PCV valve, reverse light switch etc. We are supplier for more than 100 car makers, such as Shanghai GM, FAW VW, Shanghai VW, Changan Ford, PSA, Guangzhou Toyota, Guangzhou Honda etc.


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